• United Ostomy Association of America
      Uoaa is an association of affiliated, non-profit, support groups dedicated to improving the quality of life of people who have or will have an intestinal or urinary diversion
  • International Ostomy Association
    The IOA was formed in 1974 and is comprised of national ostomy associations with active chapters from 32 countries around the world.
  • Friends of Ostomates Worldwide - U.S.A.
    FOW-USA is a non-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers who are committed to sending ostomy products and literature worldwide to those who are in need. They collect surplus ostomy equipment from suppliers, ostomy chapters, ET/WOCNurses, individuals, etc. and donate them to ostomates worldwide.
  • American Cancer Society
    The American Cancer Society, Massachusetts Division, Inc. provides the OAB with office space and many available support services.