OAB Visitor Program

What is an OAB Visit? 
Specially trained OAB members are available to visit patients both before and after surgery. Upon request, the OAB visitor will contact the person to discuss any areas of concern and to share experiences. No topic is off-limits, with the exception of medical advice!

Whenever possible, we will try to match the patient with a visitor who is the same gender and approximately the same age and has had the same procedure and the same original medical problem as the patient.

Where will the Visit take place? 
The visit will be wherever the patient is most comfortable. In the past, most visits occurred in the patient's hospital room a week or so after surgery. However, these days many patients have been discharged from the hospital by the time OAB may receive the Visitor request.

Visits can take place in patients' homes either before or after their hospital stay and Visitors are encouraged to place follow-up phone calls a month or two after the initial visit to see how the patient is progressing. Visits are arranged to suit the schedules of both the patient and the OAB volunteer Visitor. Telephone "visits" also occur, but a face-to-face encounter with someone who has "been there and done that" is often the most powerful medicine available!

How do I request a Visitor? 
Requests can come from any health professional (physician, ET/WOCNurse ,social workers, etc.), family members, or directly from you by contacting our Visitor Program Coordinator, Paul Erickson at pauljerickson@verizon.net.