Membership Information

General information: 
For general information about OAB or specific questions relating to meeting dates or other concerns: 
Please send an email to or with your name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number, and describe your questions.

How to become a member: 
email: to have a brochure sent to you.

Membership is open to everyone:
This includes people with ostomies or continent diversions, family members, caregivers, members of the medical 
profession, and anyone interested in ostomy care and rehabilitation. Surgery is not a requirement!

What Your OAB Member Dues Pays For:

  • Our Visitor Program provides direct and confidential support for dealing with ostomy surgery, both before and after. (See the "Visitors" tab).
  • Our Visitors are trained and also offer educational and informational guidebooks and materials.
  • OAB's website is continually evolving, bringing you new ways to become informed, get in contact with Board Members, and opportunities to volunteer your own talents and skills.
  • The OAB Bulletin, our chapter's printed quarterly; is created, designed, and edited by OAB members
  • OAB offers Support Group Meetings in Boston and the suburban areas. (See "Support Group Meetings" tab).
  • Travel  Cards - A  New  Member’s  Benefit!





What are the annual dues?

$22.50-Active Membership in OAB

$50.00-Professional Membership for physicians and other health professionals

$60.00-Corporate Membership

$75.00-Donor Membership in OAB and UOA

$100.00-Patron Membership in OAB and UOA

Complimentary Membership for all area RN ET WOCNurses