At this time, there are no visitor trainings scheduled but check back for updates to this section periodically throughout the year.


How do I become a Visitor?

If you are a member of OAB, have had your ostomy for at least one year, feel comfortable with yourself and your ostomy and are interested in helping others through the adjustment process, we welcome your attendance. One of the most important services of the OAB is our Visitors Program. Talking one-on-one with somebody who has been there, recovered and returned to an active lifestyle is often a very important step in adjusting to a new ostomy or continent procedure. Our goal is to assist in the individual's rehabilitation and adjustment by providing information, empathy, and to act as positive role models.

Visitor Training is approximately once a year and is available to OAB members who have had their surgery for at least one year. We will also do special visitor trainings for new support groups.