Tips for Ileostomy Care

An ileostomy is an operational procedure in which lowest part of the small intestine (ileum) is brought through a stoma in the lower abdomen. After surgery, an ileostomy will need attentive care to avoid farther health complications. Caring for an ileostomy may seem to be challenging but by giving it a try and practicing it’ll be very simple. You just need to be equipped with some tips from your doctor on how to care for it.

Following these tips will make your ileostomy care very simple.

  1. ileostomy careEmpty and change your pouching system

Emptying or changing pouching system shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure you empty your pouch when it’s 2/3 full, this will protect it from leaking and bulging. A bag should be used for a certain period after which it should get changed. The time each pouch should take before it’s replaced will depend on your pouching system. Some pouch will need replacement after a day, and others will go up to six or seven days.

  1. Bathing

Water won’t harm your ostomy so you shouldn’t be worried about taking a shower. You may bath with or without the pouching system in place. However, it’s recommended to take a shower with the system in place as you can’t control fecal when getting out. When cleaning the skin under the stoma use water only as soap may stick to it.

  1. Shaving around the stoma

Shaving all the hair around the stoma will be very helpful. It’ll reduce pain when removing the skin barrier. You should take extra care when doing this. You can dry shave by using stoma powder, shaving creams and soap may make it hard for the skin barrier to stick. Remember to rinse and dry the skin thoroughly before getting the pouch system back.

It’s very important to be delicate and sensitive when dealing with the ileostomy.

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