Ostomy Care At Home

An ostomy is the opening (stoma) artificially made after surgical procedures that connects internal organs to the exterior, for example, colostomy, ileostomy, gastrostomy, etc. It’s usually protected by ostomy bag attached to it to allow the passage of wastes from organs.

How to master Ostomy Care?

Ostomy bag or pouchWhether you are a patient or a caregiver, you need to take great care of a few things about ostomy, and you know all about how to do ostomy care.

Ostomy bag or pouch must be emptied when it fills 1/3rd to of total otherwise due to the weight of the pouch it will pull off the skin and can lead to leakage, which damages the skin.

Usually, pouches are used for 3 to 5 days and then can be replaced by a new one after that depending upon the output of the patient, the procedure is done and the affordability of the patient. You can change it earlier as per the demand of the patient.

You should be aware of the stoma measurements as it changes as healing goes on and your size of the pouch and covering of the ostomy also vary with time. Inflammation of body weight changes may add up to the dimensions of the ostomy set.

Learn well about how to prepare the skin surrounding the stoma, adhere the cap to it, fix it properly, and once the desired period has been passed how to change it. Detach carefully to avoid any damage to the skin.

Never forget the following:

Always wash your hands first or use the antibacterial hand cleanser.
Wear the gloves before you approach ostomy area.

The skin around the stoma is highly prone to damage and should be handled cautiously. Use dried soft wipe and gently clean the area, make sure you don’t rub it. It will break the skin down allowing infectious agents inside and cause further skin damage and inflammation.

For the ostomy care regularly monitor for any leakage either out of the bag or streak of liquid and wastes coming out along the stoma. Immediately change it to avoid any moisture related or infectious skin damage.

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