Tracheostomy Stoma: A New Way to Breathe

For normal people, the words “tracheostomy stoma” mean nothing, they’re just a bunch of gibberish on a piece of paper or, in this case, on a screen. For medical professionals though, these words mean something curiously interesting. Almost every time, a tracheostomy stoma is present during surgery and, in some cases, afterward as well. To know more about surgical procedures, visit

What it means

Pronouncing these words can be difficult, so let’s stick to trach stoma. A trach stoma is a hole located on a person’s neck, made with the sole intention of keeping the person breathing. During surgery, doctors often make a trach stoma on the patient’s neck, giving them a new way to breathe. Since patients, during surgery, are unconscious, and doctors often have them on positions in which an unconscious body can find it hard to breathe, they make an incision on the neck, providing an airway that, with a plastic tube’s help, allows oxygen to reach the lungs easily.

Tracheostomy StomaAfter surgery, the patient doesn’t need the trach stoma to be able to breathe, so the tube is removed, and the hole is patched up. Over time, the hole will heal, closing up completely; sometimes leaving a scar, after the hole closes up, it’s like it was never even there. In some cases in which the hole can’t manage to heal and close on its own, doctors with the stitch it up, helping the neck heal.

In complete honesty, not many people know what a trach stoma is, those that do are, almost always, medical students or professionals. This information can be extremely helpful for people pursuing a career in medicine because, although some do, not all students know every single fact out there. The trach stoma is a very useful way for doctors to help keep patients healthy, avoiding a strong & long loss of oxygen, which can be harmful, not only to the body but to the brain as well.

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