Foods to Avoid with Kidney Disease and Diabetes

Diet remains the primary treatment in managing both kidney and diabetes diseases. The right diet ensures that you maintain a balanced level of minerals, electrolytes, and fluid as these are the fundamentals elements to watch when you have been diagnosed with these two chronic diseases. Coming up with a right diet plan when you have both kidney and diabetes diseases, whose diets seem not to fit well can a times result in harmful foods sneaking into your diet. Also, don’t forget about maintaining good oral health.

Here is a list of foods to avoid with kidney disease and diabetes and leave a healthy life.

1. Processed meat and higher protein food

processed food

Grabbing a processed meat such as chicken salad is certainly not making the right choice for diabetic or renal diet. What type of meat should you choose when you have both diabetes and kidney diseases? Well, choose meat that is lean. Such meat include lean pork or lean roasted chicken as they have low levels of saturated fats.

Other processed meat and higher protein food such as mortadella, salmon, nuts, cheese, and organ meats are harmful for diabetic and kidney disease patients as they are significant source of:

· Large quantities of sodium that causes more damage to the kidneys

· Nitrate as well as phosphorus that cause body electrolytes imbalance

2. Soda and sugary beverages

Sugary beverages such as soda, canned ice tea, fruit flavored drinks, lemonade with phosphoric acid or syrup contain additives are not healthy for diabetic and kidney disease patients. Beverages with sweeteners cause sugar level to shoot up. Avoid soda and sugary beverages for water preferably topped with chopped verges or fresh fruits.

3. Butter

Food that are rich in high butter fat content have unhealthy cholesterol that is responsible for chronic diabetes and kidney diseases. Besides, food rich in butter contain Trans-fats that cannot be metabolized in the body easily. Some of these foods to avoid with kidney disease and diabetes that have high butter fat content include:

· Margarines

· Shortenings

· Bacon fat

· Whipping cream

4. Mayonnaise and other high fat foods

fatty food

Mayonnaise is a leading source of saturated fats that are not only responsible for high dead rate among the diabetic and chronic kidney disease patients but further complicates the proper functioning of your heart. Even worse, a table spoon of mayonnaise has approximately 103 calories as well as higher levels of sugar, harmful additives, and sodium. Other food that you should avoid that have high level of fats include:

· Back fat

· High food with trans fats such as whipping cream

· Lard

· Fried bacon

5. Non-starchy vegetables

Although vegetables are often recommended for diabetes and kidney patients, not all vegetables are good for your health. Some of the vegetables that have elements that may cause imbalance of electrolyte in your body include:

· Vegetable juice

· Cooked spinach

· Artichoke

· Sauerkraut

· Rutabagas

· Fresh bamboo shoots


With just the right food and knowing what food to avoid when having both diabetes and kidney diseases, you can live a healthy life.


  1. Controlling what you eat is so difficult if you have some health concerns like this. But, you can try to talk to your dietitian if there’s another way which can you safely include them in your diet.

  2. Now I know not to eat if I’m having a kidney disease or diabetes. I’ll make sure now what to eat before these disease make things worst. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Salty foods also can contribute kidney disease. Much better to avoid these kind of foods or limit the intake.

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