4 Ways to Prepare for a Colonoscopy Procedure

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colonoscopy preparation

Getting tested for colon cancer and any other colon problems can help in saving your life. So if you have not yet undergone through one, it’s time you make it your routine, more so for colon cancer awareness. So what are some of the best colonoscopy preparation tips?

Get the insight from your doctor

Most people fear to undergo through colonoscopy preparation on their own. This is because some don’t even have an idea on to what to expect from the process. Therefore to eliminate all doubts, it is advisable to book an appointment with your doctor at least a few days before the procedure.This will help you get relaxed and gain the confidence you need to go through with your decision.

Get someone to help yougot someone to help

As much as you might feel confident of doing everything on your own, a helping hand comes handy, especially after the procedure. If you are staying alone, call a trusted friend or family member to come over a day before your visit to the doctor. Chances are you will get more comfortable knowing there is someone on the lookout in case there is an emergency.

Watch your diet

low-fiber dietGet a proper guideline on colonoscopy preparation diet from your doctor a few days to the appointment date. But generally, you should start going on a low-fiber diet on a few days before your colonoscopy procedure. On the day before the process, avoid indulging in any form of solid food. Focus your attention on fluids such as clear broths. Coffee, tea, clear forms of soft and sports drinks as well as clear juices. The same diet plan applies to the day of the procedure; only clear drinks. It’s often said that the less you got in there, the less you will have to be taken out.

Prepare your bowel

In most times, your doctor will prescribe a colonoscopy preparation laxative. This is meant to trigger diarrhea in an attempt to clear the colon. The type of bowel preparation procedure your doctor prescribes heavily depends on your previous history, your appointment time.
During this time, you make sure you dress in a loose attire and be near a bathroom at all times. You might need some privacy.

Now that you are well prepared for your colonoscopy procedure, you can get yourself busy with activities you love. Meditate or listen to music. However, avoid heavy activities that can drain your energy, you will need it later.

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2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Prepare for a Colonoscopy Procedure

  1. It is better to consult a specialist as soon as possible to check if you have problems like these to treat it immediately. It is difficult to treat if you found out this late.

  2. Colon cancer is one of the most common cause of death today. So it is good to undergo colonoscopy procedure if you have it and to find a way to treat it immediately.

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