Is ostomy underwear essential?

When we think about patients with ostomy and colostomy bags attached to their bodies, we think negatively of them. Things like they are bed-ridden,  weak, and are unhygienic. Those are surely big misconceptions! They are still active individuals who want to move freely and perform their normal activities without having their intestinal devices getting in the way. Let us discover a new innovation that can help them enjoy life more, the ostomy underwear. You can continue reading to learn more.

What is ostomy underwear?

This is a piece of clothing that is expertly designed for patients with an ostomy or a surgical opening on the body where body wastes come out of. Patients who have problems with their digestive tract are the ones with ostomies, colostomies, ileostomies, and others. An ostomy undergarment is a lingerie that conceals and supports the ostomy bags so that the patient can move freely without worry.

Benefits of an ostomy lingerie

  • It provides support to your treatment appliance.
  • It effectively conceals the appliance.
  • It accentuates the body contour of the patient without distorting the side where the ostomy is.

Issues related to ostomy undergarment

ostomy underwearBut, don’t get us wrong, nothing is perfect. There are also downsides to this type of undergarment. As expected, these undergarments are more expensive than regular lingerie. Some brands also produce bulky designs that add some volume to the patient. Also, wearing these undergarments for a long time may make it hard for the ostomy bag to do its purpose since they are squished into a fitted garment.

Don’t let your disease or your present condition limit you from being yourself, flaunting your curves, and showing the world that you can be as normal and active as you can be, with or without your ostomy.

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