Can You Go Swimming with an Ostomy Bag?

It is still possible for people to go swimming if they have an ostomy bag because that bag is made to be water-resistant and prevent any leaks with its seal. Also, the seal ensures that water will not enter the bag.

If you are worried that your ostomy bag will loosen or potentially leak while you’re swimming, there are special ostomy belts that can be used to help keep the bag in place. These belts can be found online, at medical supply stores, or you can ask your doctor where to get one or if they recommend that you use one. These belts wrap around your stomach and are connected to the ostomy bag, ensuring that the bag stays attached to the stoma and providing a more secure hold.

swimming with ostomy bagBefore you go swimming, it is important to empty the bag and make sure that the seal is properly closed. It is also important to make sure that the ostomy wafer that connects the ostomy bag to your body has been worn for at least one hour before getting in the water. There are ostomy wafers available that have a waterproof barrier and after a swim, you should check to see if the water affected your ostomy wafer.

If you are not feeling confident about swimming with an ostomy bag, there are some ostomy swimwear available for both men and women. There are swim shorts and bottoms that include an inside pocket for your ostomy bag for women, and for men, there are swim shorts available that help keep the bag tucked inside and board shorts that also have an inside pocket.

Swimming with an ostomy bag is still possible and it’s important to remember to empty your ostomy bag first, bring extra supplies, and check that the bag is properly sealed before going in the water.

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