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Cologuard Vs Colonoscopy

As an emerging issue in health, colorectal cancer has become a subject that is worth attention. If you have attained 50 years of age and above, or if you are younger but stand at a higher risk, you may find it useful to have a colon cancer screening.

How does an Ostomy Bag Work

An ostomy is a surgical diversion of either digestive or a urinary system which bypasses the normal elimination and provides means for evacuation of waste product directly through a hole in the skin called a Stoma. Since the waste product get drained involuntarily, it’s necessary to have a means of capturing and storing them. Thus, small bags known as ostomy bags are used to accomplish this process. Keep reading for more info about how does an ostomy bag work.

Diarrhea after Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure performed by doctors using a small camera and a flexible tube. Doctors use the camera to see inside of your colon and rectum. The purpose of a colonoscopy is to lift cancer and polyps inside your rectum and colon. This medical procedure is normally suggested if you are diagnosed

Colonoscopy Prep Tips

When one has made the decision to have a colonoscopy, you should know how to prepare for this. Whether due to abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, age or family history of colon disease, this procedure is an excellent way to determine if the colon is in good condition and has a great image.

Medication For Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is an extreme ailment that is exemplified by recurring incidents of abdominal shivers, fever, tenderness, and excessive dysentery. It is a persistent inflammatory bowel ailment in the internal coating of the large intestine and rectum end up sore.

Bleeding After Colonoscopy: Is It Normal?

To examine the full rectal lining, doctors often prefer running a colonoscopy. It is a safe method for monitoring the colon, remove polyps, conduct biopsies and rectify any issues in the colon and the rectum before they turn into a bigger problem.

Small Bowel Resection

A surgical operation on the removal a part or the whole small intestine is known as the small bowel resection. It can be used to treat cancer and precancerous diagnose.

Understanding More About Large Bowel Resection

Massive bowel resection is a sort of medical procedure performed on the colon when it is harmed due to different reasons. An individual might be required to experience the therapeutic process when he has been determined to have malignant colon growth, diverticular sickness, gastrointestinal dying, fiery inside maladies, intestinal polyps, Crohn’s infection, and huge entrail deterrent. These sicknesses might be caused by various variables like the eating regimen, way of life, variations from the norm in the innate qualities, and so forth.

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