kidney patient

End Stage Renal Disease Care Plan

In a renal transplant, a healthy renal is surgically transferred from one person to another who has little or no kidney function. The renal is transplanted if the donor’s kidney is a match to the recipient’s. Once the transplanted kidney starts working, the person should no longer need dialysis.

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The Different Ostomy Types

What is Ostomy

An ostomy is a surgical process designed for people who help in the excretion of stool from the body. Alternatively, this can be done when a serious condition affects the lower intestines, making it impossible to empty.

The digestive system starts from the mouth to the esophagus, then into the stomach, into the small intestine, the large intestine is commonly known as the colon, up to the anus, and ends in the anus. Food chewed in the mouth is swallowed by the esophagus, mixed with digestive juices in the stomach, absorbed in the small intestine, absorbed and stored in the colon as a stool and ejected through the rectum.

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