Steps for proper stoma care

Even though stoma is important to keep the body free from toxic, it can be traumatizing at some point and requires proper stoma care. Unlike the natural way of eliminating waste such as urine and feces in a natural way, an opening is made through surgery to support in the waste elimination. Stoma works as the best alternative to keep the body off the toxic and is always attached to a bag to hold the waste for a moment before they are disposed of.

stoma careWhere is stoma located?

The opening is made on the skin and sits on the lower part of the abdomen. The stoma can be made to serve on a permanent basis or can be made temporary and later reversed depending on the condition. With the stoma in place, a connection is set to deviate the waste from their normal route and to get eliminated through the opening.

It may be uncomfortable in the first few days but once you get used it, your life will get back to the normal track and you will be able to live normally. You will be guided on how to keep it clean and safe to enable it to serve the purpose for a longer time.

What leads to stoma?

The need to have stoma in place can be caused by bowel cancer or inflammation that may be experienced by different people. The stoma is created to allow the body especially the bowel to permanently heal before the process is reversed to the normal route. When the bladder isn’t able to act properly due to cancer of the bladder or prostate cancer, the use of stoma can be the most appropriate option.

The nature of infection can lead to the type of stoma you are likely to have. It’s always placed in a strategic place for easy stoma care and hygiene. You need to be very keen when using stoma and keep the bag light always. You don’t need to change the bag, but instead, you can empty it through an opening as advised by the stoma nurse. Make sure all the waste are disposed of in a toilet to help keep your environment clean.

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