Bleeding After Colonoscopy: Is It Normal?

To examine the full rectal lining, doctors often prefer running a colonoscopy. It is a safe method for monitoring the colon, remove polyps, conduct biopsies and rectify any issues in the colon and the rectum before they turn into a bigger problem. When a patient is under the effect of anesthesia or is under mild sedation, a fiberoptic instrument in the form of a flexible tube is inserted by the doctor into the rectum. A colonoscope advances toward the colon when passing through the rectum.

Bleeding After Colonoscopy

Minute rectal bleeding is nothing to worry about if you have had a colonoscopy recently. If your physician had performed a polyp removal or extract a sample of tissue, minor bleeding is normal. You can consult your doctor for some over the counter medications that can help in lowering controlling the bleeding. After a biopsy, patients report that minor bleeding can continue for a week or so.

According to the American Cancer Society, persons who are not prone to gastrointestinal issues or colon cancer are recommended to undergo the procedure at the age of 45.

Bleeding After ColonoscopyWhen To Seek Medical Attention

You need to consult your doctor immediately if the bleeding occurs in an uncontrolled manner or in clots. A classic symptom that accompanies uncontrollable bleeding is a fever above 100 degrees. You can also consult your surgeon for satisfying any queries even if you don’t encounter any severe symptoms.

Recovery After a Colonoscopy

The entire process takes about 30 minutes. Until the effect of the medicines wears off, the patients are required to remain in the clinic for nearly an hour or two after a colonoscopy. Doctors can address immediate bleeding.

Even after recovering, patients can experience abdominal pain and rectal bleeding for a few days to a week. Although if the same continues for many days or the condition worsens, getting checked by a doctor eliminates risk to a great extent.

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