All About Parastomal Hernia

This is a condition that develops when part of a human intestines stick out through a surgically made opening in the stomach called the stoma. The stoma is usually created to allow an individual to pass out waste into a bag. It’s commonly needed for patients with gastrointestinal problems preventing them from having the regular movements of bowels. From studies that have been carried out, a high percentage of up to 78 percent of people develop this condition after undergoing surgery. Talk to your doctor now, to know more about the parastomal hernia.

The causes of a parastomal hernia

The stoma to some cases leads to weakening an individual’s abdominal muscles that in turn causes them to pull off from the stoma. This is the process that leads to this condition. There exist other more factors that contribute to the development of this condition, they include smoking, chronic constipation, malnutrition, corticosteroid usage, obesity, infections after undergoing stoma surgery, and persistent coughing.

Parastomal hernia symptoms

This condition develops typically gradually, but then an individual might notice as it keeps growing. Some of the symptoms that you will note are like for instance having pain and discomfort around the stoma; you will see bulging at the stoma region especially when you try to cough and experiencing troubles keeping the stoma appliances in place.

How the condition is treated

The most common repair option for this condition is through surgical means. But then if this condition is not recurring, a hernia Belt and change of appliances will be recommended by the doctor. The belt is typically designed for those with small hernias or to individuals where surgery seems to be risky or in case undergoing surgery will further compromise someone’s health. This belt is wide, firm enough to support the muscle tissues around and the stoma from outside. For in case of surgery, different surgeons will have different opinions based on their preferences and a person’s needs.

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