Steps To Change An Ostomy Bag

Stoma patients should always be kept clean, which means that all ostomy products used must be constantly changed and cleaned. In addition, an efficient care also to avoid skin irritation, such. As a reliable opaque ostomy bag and other consumables done. In as much as learning the steps to change these supplies appropriately are relatively necessary.

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Changing an ostomy bag takes only 10-20 minutes and is quite manageable. Here is how:

Before touching stoma accessories, it is important to wash your hands. Prepare all the necessary things when switching and place them within easy reach. Have the following items ready: glue remover, wafers, skin protection, measurement guide, pencil, astringent paste, plastic bags, clean towel, washcloths, scissors and a new bag.

If necessary, use the adhesive remover to wipe the tape surrounding the old stoma wafer. Use your other hand to hold the skin tight while gently pulling the wafer off with the other hand.

Dispose of all old bags, waffles and other waste products except the clip in a disposable plastic bag. Use a low-density polyethylene EZ Zip Closure to quickly dispose of your used stoma waste products with a single hand. In addition, use a light-absorbing film plastic that provides 100% invisibility of content to ensure a clean look.

Start by using a washcloth to clean the skin and stoma with warm water. To avoid a mess, do this in the shower, but never use fragrant soaps as this will leave films. Cleaning in the bathroom will reduce the effort, as waste coming from the stoma can be flushed immediately into the drain.

Trace the correct size on the back of the wafer with the starting hole in the middle, then cut out this hole. Apply the skin protection where the wafer is placed. Remove the paper from the water and apply a steel paste around the circle. Wet your finger with water to smooth the paste. This is done to prevent the paste from penetrating your finger.

bag for ostomyRemove the paper on the back of the tape and place the object on the stoma. Make sure the stoma is in the middle of the hole. Firmly press into the skin and smooth. Ensure you apply pressure for a few seconds before closing the bottom of the ostomy pouch with the clip and presto, you’re done.

When changing over, remember that you must have an old towel or paper towel to remove waste from the stoma when you are not in the shower. Also, avoid giving the stoma patient late before the scheduled appointment to reduce stoma output. It’s normal to see a little bleeding, but report unusual colors, size, shape or bleeding to your ET nurse.

To ensure efficiency in changing applications, only reliable opaque ostomy bags and other ostomy products are used. Get your ostomy supplies needed from the best online suppliers who are dedicated to providing only high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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