Stomach fat removal surgery

Isn’t having a flat stomach every woman’s dream? It certainly is! No woman is proud of having a belly that shakes like jelly. However, some factors like unhealthy eating habits in men and women, as well as pregnancy can be said to be the key contributors to high belly fat among both genders. It is for these reasons that more and more people globally opt for fat removal surgeries. Visit Dr Tummy Tuck BRISBANE Website to know more about surgeries that can help you remove excess fat in your body.

There are two types of surgeries involved in removing stomach fat.

  • Liposuction
  • A tummy tuck

They are both cosmetic procedures. A professional surgeon should help one determine which procedure is ideal. Once the most appropriate procedure is determined, all should go well and the recovery period is bound to be minimal. Stomach fat removal surgery involves the following steps,

Selecting the type of surgery. A mini tummy tuck will do if you have a small amount of excess fat whereas liposuction would be the better option if you want minimal incisions. It is preferable for those who have not yet had children.

Is your plastic surgeon certified? Ensure he is. Discuss and agree on what you want. He might need to conduct a few medical tests prior to the surgery to eliminate any risks that could be associated with the procedure.

Diet and lifestyle adjustments will be required at least two weeks prior to the surgery. Any medications that would tamper with your body’s ability to clot your blood should also be avoided. Be on an empty stomach six hours before the procedure.

During the procedure, you will be under anesthesia, and the fat deposits will be extracted using a medical vacuum. Liposuction will take less time, and will require fewer incisions.

Recovering from the surgery may vary from four to six weeks depending on the amount of fat removed during the procedure. Your surgeon may also need to give you pain-relieving medication during the recovery period. Only take the recommended dosage.

Compression garments can be worn as and when advised.

stomach fat removal surgeryFollow up. This could be within two to four months after the surgery. The surgeon will check on the healing progress. He will also need to know if you are facing any discomfort or pain and might need to administer more medication.

After approximately six months, there should be a visible scar on your belly, which is normal.

What do you want? A tummy tuck or liposuction? Whatever you decide, always remember that the key to achieving desired results is by having a qualified and certified surgeon to do the job!

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