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Ostomy Treatment

Colostomy Diet Tips

A colostomy is a surgical procedure in which a loop of colon is pulled to the abdominal skin to create a stoma. A pouch is placed on top of the stoma to collect waste products. The colon may get damaged or affected by diseases in certain cases.

Steps for proper stoma care

Even though stoma is important to keep the body free from toxic, it can be traumatizing at some point and requires proper stoma care. Unlike the natural way of eliminating waste such as urine and feces in a natural way, an opening is made through surgery to support in the waste elimination. Stoma works as the best

Ostomy Support Group

If there’s an Ostomy support group near you, it’s prudent to start going. Surrounding yourself with other ostomates is an effective way to cope with your ostomy. Why should you choose these groups? Well, a support group is a safe place to share and talk about your success stories, questions, struggles, and also help

Ostomy Wound Care

An ostomy refers to the management and care of Intestine of the human body. This indicates when a human intestine is injured, it needs and requires some time to heal or it may require some area of the organ to get removed, the surgeon name this process as Ostomy.

More About Ileostomy Reversal

An ileostomy reversal is like a colostomy; be that as it may, they are two different sort medical procedures. The distinction between the two is that the colostomy redirects the colon to the stoma and an ileostomy occupies the ileum to the stoma.

Ostomy Diet

Ostomy diet is mainly prescribed after surgery and many other situations. They are the for this type of condition due to the ability to limit the amount of colostomy. As time goes by you will slowly drift to your healthy diet.

Ostomy Care At Home

An ostomy is the opening (stoma) artificially made after surgical procedures that connects internal organs to the exterior, for example, colostomy, ileostomy, gastrostomy, etc. It’s usually protected by ostomy bag attached to it to allow the passage of wastes from organs.

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