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Ostomy Treatment

Performing Effective Ostomy Care

Ostomy involves a surgical operation of our intestines. This is normally done when our intestines fail to work as expected. There are two types of ostomy that can be done to better our lives. A colostomy is done when our colon fails to work while ileostomy is done in favor of our small intestine shall it fail

Facts About Colonoscopy Diet

If you want to have a colonoscopy done, make sure you eat the right things to be prepared for it. That will be very critical. Changes must be made a few days before the colonoscopy. There are certain foods that you can eat and certain foods that you want to stay away from.

Expectations After Ostomy Surgery

Ostomy surgery, otherwise called inside redirection, alludes to surgeries that reroute the healthy development of intestinal substance out of the body when part of the gut is infected or evacuated. Making an ostomy implies bringing some portion of the digestive system through the stomach divider with the goal that waste exits through the stomach divider as opposed to going through the rear-end. To continue reading the article to understand what to expect after ostomy surgery is what the article explains.

Details About Colon Resection Surgery

Colon resection is a type of surgery performed on the colon when it is damaged due to different reasons. A man may be required to undergo surgery when it is determined that he has colon neoplasia, diverticular disease, gastrointestinal death, burning intestinal diseases, intestinal polyps, Crohn’s disease

The Different Ostomy Types

What is Ostomy

An ostomy is a surgical process designed for people who help in the excretion of stool from the body. Alternatively, this can be done when a serious condition affects the lower intestines, making it impossible to empty.

The digestive system starts from the mouth to the esophagus, then into the stomach, into the small intestine, the large intestine is commonly known as the colon, up to the anus, and ends in the anus. Food chewed in the mouth is swallowed by the esophagus, mixed with digestive juices in the stomach, absorbed in the small intestine, absorbed and stored in the colon as a stool and ejected through the rectum.

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