Colonoscopy For Women Who Are Pregnant

The colon is the posterior part of the digestive tract, which participates in the absorption of liquids and nutrients contained in the solid waste before its expulsion. That is why it is an important part of the digestive system. Colonoscopy for women is performed when this distal part of the digestive tract should be examined for cancer, ulcers, fistulas or any other abnormality of this type. Often, pregnant women still have a bad idea that the test only detects colon cancer; but this is not true.

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This procedure is healthy as complications are fewer. The colonoscope insertion into the anus is monitored technically. The colonoscope records images of the large intestine and helps in removing the blocks and polyps or perform a biopsy of the tissues examined. The process is relatively painless.

Colonoscopy For WomenWhen colonoscopy is done to pregnant women, they tend to experience lower chances of premature delivery and miscarriage. This makes babies have less risk of birth defects as well as low birth weight.

Small complications that can occur are mainly nausea and then vomiting; Allergies in the skin around the anus and dehydration. Dehydration is common because the passage of the colon must be free of solids to allow an adequate examination. For this reason, the patient receives a drug that induces slow movements. The effects may disappear shortly after the end of the program.

During this process, the belly is filled with air, which enables the medical expert to clearly see the internal areas of the digestive tract on the computer screen.

As a side effect of the treatment, you may feel stomach cramps. This may be accompanied by abdominal swelling. However, these symptoms do not usually last too long.

In addition, during the test, a pregnant woman receives certain medications which can cause an allergic reaction. In addition, there is a rare possibility that the intestinal wall is slightly scraped or damaged, causing perforation or infection.

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