Ostomy Diet

Ostomy diet is mainly prescribed after surgery and many other situations. They are the for this type of condition due to the ability to limit the amount of colostomy. As time goes by you will slowly drift to your healthy diet.

Reasons for this type of diet

  • Prevent stomach blockages
  • Promote healing of stoma wound
  • To prevent stomach upset like diarrhea

How does the diet work?

After a surgery food staffs that were prescribed to you before the diet will be of help as well. According to ostomy nurses, one is advised to eat at least three times to four times per day to regulate bowel movement.
Meals should be in smaller quantity to help the body process food with time. In addition to the lower amount, one should chew the food properly to make the digestion process easy.

How do fluids make all the difference?

When you are in this type of diet, you are advised to take more fluids. Why is that? The human body experiencing this type of diet will tend to lose more fluids to the large intestines, leaving the body dehydrated. Drinking lots of fluids keep the body hydrated.

Coffee can be a good source of fluids but, the best sources are water and juices. However, don’t replace water with coffee in the diet.

What types of food should one eat?

dietOne is advised to eat digestible and straightforward food staffs. The following are being the best foodstuffs.

  • Banana
  • Plain rice
  • Cheese
  • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit juice and many more

What types of food should one avoid?

Hard foodstuffs will bring about indigestion they should be avoided.

  • Beans
  • Soy
  • Cabbage
  • Nuts

Alcohol should also be avoided at all times.

These foodstuffs are subdivided into the odor control, Diarrhea control, and constipation relief.
The odor control includes Buttermilk, orange juice, and Parsley and Tomato juice.
Diarrhea control includes banana, bread, plain rice, and pumpkins.

Constipation control includes coffee which should be warm or hot, cooked vegetables, fruits and water among many others.

Eating right will get you stable in no time, Then you can enjoy the freedom of eating whichever food staff you see fit.

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