Facts About Colonoscopy Diet

If you want to have a colonoscopy done, make sure you eat the right things to be prepared for it. That will be very critical. Changes must be made a few days before the colonoscopy. There are certain foods that you can eat and certain foods that you want to stay away from. The goal of a colonoscopy diet is to make sure your gut is as clean and empty as possible before you have the procedure done.

The diet before colonoscopy might be useful before some surgeries too; you can read dr tummy tuck reviews from patients that underwent surgery after completing that diet. Knowing about the procedure to be done to you is a great preparation you can do.

What are some of the healthy foods you want to eat?

If you want to eat a lot of dense foods, you need to remove them from your diet. This must be done a few days before the colonoscopy. What you want to focus on are light foods. Here are some foods that you can eat a few days before the colonoscopy.

Light meat that you can’t digest, such as fish and chicken that has no skin

Various types of potatoes without skin (baked)

Light cheese, preferably small portions

Eggs are a healthy light food that you can eat (cooked)

Light soups with lots of vegetables in them (preferably not processed)

You should stop eating solid foods about two days before the colonoscopy. What you can do is have a healthy breakfast that’s easy the day before the trial. For example, eat a piece of wheat toast and a boiled egg. Do not consume solid foods afterward. You should also drink plenty of fluids (mainly water) to make sure you are hydrated.

Here are some of the fluids that you should drink as part of a bowel mirror diet.

Distilled or purified water  Facts About Colonscoopy Diet

Simple tea

Natural fruit juices that were mixed

Soup Broth

Ginger ale

Foods that you want to avoid

You should stay away from foods that contain a lot of fiber. You do not want to drink a drink that is dark. The reason for this is that they have a habit of sticking to the walls of the digestive tract. This makes it difficult to differentiate from the blood.

Here are some other foods that you should avoid:

All kinds of meat, rice, nuts, and certain vegetables

Dairy products and other milk-based liquids

Certain fruits and puddings

Pasta, which is whole grain

Specific cereals, bran cereals, and seeds

Any drink that is colored, especially if it’s red or purple

Dark Jello

When the day comes when you have a colonoscopy done, make sure you drink lots of clear fluids. You want to keep yourself hydrated before you finish the exam. The only thing is that you do not want to drink any liquid a few hours before colonoscopy.

What to do if you have done the colonoscopy

A colonoscopy diet is very hard on a person’s body, and the colonoscopy is also tough. Before you have the procedure performed, make sure you pay attention to any negative signs. Once the process is complete, you can feel good that your colon is healthier and you have gone through the process.

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