Performing Effective Ostomy Care

Ostomy involves a surgical operation of our intestines. This is normally done when our intestines fail to work as expected. There are two types of ostomy that can be done to better our lives. A colostomy is done when our colon fails to work while ileostomy is done in favor of our small intestine shall it fail to operate normally.  When ostomy is done, our stomach is operated so that some part of our intestine is brought close to the surface to aid the patient in the movement of waste products out of the body. When ostomy is needed, we could become worried and ask, “what could go wrong during the surgery?” But you don’t need to worry as there are ways to perform effective ostomy.

How can we perform effective ostomy care?

  • There are situations when we find the skin below your pouch has turned red. At this time, it irritates and feels very itchy. You can’t actually go to the doctor at that particular time, so you need just to take these steps.
  • First, you can be very careful and ensure you remove the pouch, then ensure the areas below the pouch is sterilized with clean water so that no foreign particles can be present in it.
  • When this is done, find a way of ensuring the skin is dry. I believe you were told the use of ostomy powder.
  • This is the time to sprinkle it on your skin that you have already dried and remove the excess powder that may be available.
  • After all these procedures, you can decide to reattach the pouch or replace it with a new one. Performing Effective Ostomy Care

If the irritation seems to persist, then you need now to contact your nurse so that you can be guided on the best way to go. They may detect any anomalous problem and help you to clear it. For you to be on the safer side always, you must follow all the orders that were given to you after you had been released from the hospital.

Ostomy care can only be complete if your medicines are taken in time as was prescribed by your doctor. Skipping even a single day can compromise your health situation.

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