Know What Colon Hydrotherapy Is

The term hydrotherapy is a generic term that applies to therapies that utilize water in the form of water jets, underwater massage and so on. The objective of hydrotherapy is to relieve the patient of aches and pains, revitalize and de-stress them. Hence it’s deemed therapeutic in images.

Colon hydrotherapy which is also known as colonic irrigation is a safe and gentle procedure in which water is infused into the colon through the rectum. A specialist performs the procedure. No chemicals are used although in some cases, herbs and minerals along with beneficial bacteria may be infused into the colon in the course of the treatment procedure. The entire procedure takes approximately 30-45 minutes. However, one should allow an hour for each visit.

During the session of colon hydrotherapy, the patient is made to lie on a treatment table, and complete comfort is ensured. The hydrotherapy is carried out with the help of an instrument from which a tiny disposable speculum is inserted into the rectum. Warm filtered water (fortified with herbs, minerals, and beneficial bacteria) is passed into the colon.

With time, the instrument has undergone a lot of change and achieved a high level of sophistication. For instance, the latest instruments are equipped with multistage water purification systems. Some instruments are also fitted with a lit viewing chamber, and some also have a separate system that allows for introducing additives into the water.

Colon HydrotherapyThe process is undertaken by a skilled therapist. The therapist makes use of several refills of water. The therapist also employs light massage that aids in dislodging toxic waste matter that is stuck stubbornly to the colon. This is used in combination with relaxation and deep breathing techniques. The therapist continually monitors the water temperature and water pressure throughout the treatment procedure to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. This is essential to reinvigorate a sluggish colon.

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