Colonoscopy Prep Tips

When one has made the decision to have a colonoscopy, you should know how to prepare for this. Whether due to abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, age or family history of colon disease, this procedure is an excellent way to determine if the colon is in good condition and has a great image.

Here are some colonoscopy prep tips:

Since you will not be able to drive after the test, be prepared with a friend or close relative to take you to the clinic. It would not make sense for you to drive there since you cannot drive after the inspection. As it will be sedated during the procedure, you will want someone who can help you later.

Provide the doctor with a detailed report of your medical history, explicitly stating all medications you have taken in the past, as this will determine the number of sedatives you will need during the operation and the analgesics. This is especially important if you are taking blood thinners or insulin because the process usually begins with an injection into a vein of blood. In addition, it is advisable to suspend all doses of aspirin-based products one week before this test. Other supplements, including iron, should also be paused.

There should be enough fluid intake about a week before the test. Do not use milk, acid juices or citrus fruits such as orange juice. Other liquids such as coffee, tea, fruit juice, and water are acceptable. If you do this test in the summer and feel the need for an icicle a few days before the test, you can do one, but be sure to check that it does not contain cream or frozen fruit.

As the doctor will also prescribe a special drink, be sure to take your daily intake to facilitate the process of stool removal, which will greatly facilitate the colonoscopy for you and your doctor. Try to Colonoscopy Prep Tipstake it cold after refrigeration, because the taste is much better.

This goes hand in hand with the avoidance of solid foods on the day of the test and the day before. Stick to foods like soup, porridge, and mashed potatoes, for example. It is also recommended to stop drinking water on the day of the test because your colon must be empty for a perfect examination.

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