Does A Colonoscopy Hurt? Why You Should Not Be Scared

So does a colonoscopy hurt? A colonoscopy can take 30 to 120 minutes. The most difficult is the preparation for colonoscopy, as it may hurt. The procedure itself causes no pain anyway. The colonoscopy can be performed either in the hospital or in an outpatient department. Normally, access to a vein is obtained prior to colonoscopy. That is, an intravenous line is started. Intravenous administration is used to administer sedatives and analgesics.

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Does A Colonoscopy HurtBefore the procedure, the patient is asked to lie on the left side, knees drawn to the chest. The doctor wears gloves and smears his finger. Then the specialist checks the anus for blockages by inserting his finger. Only after the doctor’s finger does the well-lubricated colonoscope penetrate thinner than an endoscope into the patient’s anus. The colonoscope is gently advanced to the upper segments of the colon to the upper end of the intestine in the cecum.

If the colon is not well prepared for colonoscopy, the doctor can sometimes pump air into the colon or tell the patient to change position or even press on the abdominal wall. This can help when opening the colon. Remains of the stool or other obstructions that obstruct the view can easily be sucked through a tiny aspirator inserted through the viewing window.

The entire colon can easily be examined by colonoscopy. If there are obstacles to finding exophytic growing tumors, the biopsy is done by biopsy. A small biopsy instrument is inserted into the colonoscope, reaches the suspect area and bites a piece, so that tissue samples are taken. It can also be used to treat polyps. After the upper end of the colon is reached, the endoscope is retracted (slowly). The air introduced during the procedure may escape at this stage as it can cause pain and discomfort. The rectum area is cleaned with towels.

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