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How To Prevent Colon Polyps

The colon is an essential part of the human digestive tract. It reabsorbs water and excretes fecal matter from the body. A colon polyp is an extra tissue that develops on the inner walls of the colon. Colon polyps can be benign or malignant.

Importance of Colon Health

The colon is considered to be the sewer of the body. This is where the wastes pass and are stored. It`s located at the end of our digestive system. Generally, it extracts water and salt from wastes prior to their elimination by our body.

Know What Colon Hydrotherapy Is

The term hydrotherapy is a generic term that applies to therapies that utilize water in the form of water jets, underwater massage and so on. The objective of hydrotherapy is to relieve the patient of aches and pains, revitalize and de-stress them. Hence it’s deemed therapeutic in images.

Small Intestine Surgery

There are many conditions which can lead to surgery of small intestine. Conditions such as ulcers, obstructions in the digestive tract, infections, etc. can lead to surgery. During the surgery a patient is given general anesthesia, small intestine surgery can be done through laparoscopy also known as keyhole surgery

Living with a colostomy

Colostomy signifies a surgical procedure that is performed to eradicate problems related to the bowel such as colorectal cancer. The procedure modifies the way food exits your body. The waste food ends up in an artificially placed pouch which needs to be changed as required. Living with a colostomy is tough but one can adapt to the new lifestyle with determination and practice.

Preparing For Colonoscopy The Smart Way

A colonoscopy is suitable for the early detection of diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus. Preparing for the colonoscopy sometimes worries people more than the colonoscopy procedure itself. The doctor will use a hose with a camera at the end to check the image of the bowels.

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